M-Th: 8a-9p
F-Sa: 8a-7p
Sun: 1p-7p
M-Th: 8a-9p
F-Sa: 8a-7p
Sun: 1p-7p
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is a 10,000 square foot family gym with a dedicated kids soft-play area, obstacle courses, trampoline, foam pits and classes in martial arts, dance, self-defense, yoga, strength training, parkour, gymnastics, natural fitness and weight loss.
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
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Martial Arts have been developed all over the world for self-defense and the joy of competition. We believe in teaching the best of several martial arts for a well rounded skill set, including aspects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling. Mastering martial arts takes years of practice. Whatever your level, we teach skill one step at a time.
Obstacle Courses
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Have fun getting fit, while also building strength and endurance. Start on the beginner course and push your inner ninja up to the advanced course, as you progress.
Kids (Little and Big)
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Kids have boundless energy. That’s why Tenacity is all about jumping, climbing, sliding, swinging and just having fun.    

We’ve got everything your child will love in a safe, padded environment:  trampolines, foam pits, cargo nets, climbing walls, slides and more. In addition, we have classes for kids in martial arts, dance, parkour and more.
Personal Training
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Fitness Classes
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Beginner Fitness
Beginner classes meet 3x weekly and focus on five basic exercises to engage your entire body. We also introduce key nutrition and diet principles to help make faster progress.

Intermediate Fitness
Taking Beginner principles and ramping them up, the goal is to get in tip-top shape and challenge the body to be its best, focusing on functional fitness: the development of strength and the ability to tackle any physical challenge that comes your way.

Advanced Fitness
Advanced Fitness is all about strength, skill and tackling big challenges. These classes are for people who are already in great shape and want to push beyond their limits.
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Being prepared for whatever life throws your way—to take control of your situation to the best of your ability.

Our self-defense seminars are taught by certified instructors who specialize in well known self-defense disciplines.
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Let the world become your playground. Handrails and picnic tables take on new purpose and give you a chance to explore your body’s limits as you jump, climb and fly around with grace and ease.

We bring in world-class parkour trainers for weekend seminars and also have group events to try out new moves together.
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Dance is not only fun, but it's also a great way to stay active and fit. But more than that, dancers get the chance to be creative and expressive.

At Tenacity, we teach both modern and traditional forms of dance. Our instructor has a degree in dance instruction and is passionate about teaching both kids and adults.
Nutrition and Diet
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Forget calorie counting. The key to healthy eating is to eat naturally. It’s that simple.

We believe in a high-protein, high-fat, healthy-carb diet... basically what you get when you eat things like meat and vegetables.

If you have any questions about nutrition and diet, we’re here to help.