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Tenacious Flog
Wednesday, April 28


This is super easy, a "freebie" if you're on a low, um, sugar diet (I can't quite bring myself to use the PHRASE...), and of course, damn tasty. Even if you only add a splash of cream at the end, it still tastes very rich.

1 bunch of celery
1 small onion
stock (mushroom is nice)
walnuts, toasted.

Carmelize the onion in the fat. Chop up the celery, then add it to the onion with about a cup or two of stock. Cover and simmer for at least a half hour, until the celery is very tender. Transfer to blender, and whiz until desired consistency, adding more stock if necessary. Now add the walnuts and whiz more. When you are ready to serve, add back to the pan with as much cream as you want, season to taste with salt/pepper, and warm it through.

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