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Thursday, October 27

Sweet Ginger Cheese  

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gelato...

So, there I was, starting out a batch of some insanely good dark chocolate gelato.

I had measured out the milk into the pan, added some sugar, and was about to scald the milk when I decided that this time I would make GINGER chocolate gelato. Brilliant!

Into the warming milk I grated about 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger, and brought the whole thing up to temperature. Stirring after a few minutes, this is what confronted me from the pan:

Yikes. Ok, so the ginger curdled the milk. I wonder what Google has to say about that... Turning up just a few hits where it is mentioned that adding "too much" fresh ginger to milk will make it curdle, I disappointingly also found many hits for ginger ice cream that call for the exact ingredients that I used with no warning about curdling. Ah, but then this link came up on the list, from cookingvillage: "fresh ginger contains an enzyme...". Ah-ha. And, oops.

Now, this is not your usual curdle, as in when making custard. In that case, you can usually just whir the mess in your blender and all will be well. Not here - I had actually created sweet ginger cheese.

After draining it and squeezing much of the liquid out, I was left with a cup of whey, seen above (which will be put to good use in my morning oatmeal porridge), and a small amount of crumbly fresh cheese, the texture of fresh ricotta. Cool!

Now, what the bejeezus can I do with this stuff? Perhaps drain & squeeze it more to make a true cheese form out of it, then slice and use on sandwiches, etc. The possibilities are most likely endless, yet I haven't hit upon any great ideas yet. Anyone have suggestions?

Time posted: 20:46 [permalink]
Talk at me:
Mmmm...that just begs to be made into ginger cheesecake.
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Mmmm...that just begs to be made into ginger cheesecake.
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