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Nutrition and Diet

Forget calorie counting. The key to healthy eating is to eat naturally. It’s that simple.

We believe in a high-protein, high-fat, healthy-carb diet... basically, what you get when you eat things like meat and vegetables (for the record, corn and potatoes are not true vegetables and should be minimized). A common myth in our society is that fat is bad for you. But the truth is, man-made fats (margarine, etc.) are bad for you. Natural fats found in plants and animals are essential. So, eat all the bacon and venison and grass fed beef you want along with some greens and you’re good to go.   

What you need to avoid are packaged things, especially grains like: cereals, pastas, breads, Sun Drop, candy bars, etc.

Good quality supplements include:  whey protein powder,  Omega 3 fish oil, Vitamin D.

If you have any questions about nutrition and diet, we’re here to help!