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Hardrock 2000 Images

For those of you with slow connections - a warning! The images can be large and slow to load. Click on any picture to bring up the full image size (600x800 pixels).

Divies Little Giant 01
Heading towards the first pass (13000'), at 7:40am Friday (The run started at 6am).
Divies Little Giant 02
The high point of the pass is where the figures are standing in the upper left part of the picture. 8:22am.
Stony Pass Road
Up Stony Pass Rd, mile 13, 9:40am.
Jim Ballard
Jim Ballard near 2nd pass, mile 15, 11:22am.
Maggie Gulch Aid Station
Maggie Gulch aid station (the vehicles at the bottom of the road), mile 16.5. I have come down the road in the background, stopped at the aid station, and am on the way up the next pass.
Roger and Syvia Wiegand leaving Maggie
Further up on that trail, Roger and Sylvia Wiegand, mile 18 or so, 12:30pm.
Handies at sunset
Looking up at Handies Peak (my next destination), the pointy summit in the right background. Mile 36(?), 8:22pm
Alpenglow on Redcloud
Same time, view looking the other way, back down where I've come from (the darkness in the center). Sunshine and Redcloud Peaks in the background, I think. 8:22pm.
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