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Hardrock 2000 Images, Part Deux (post-run & awards)

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Kirk Apt before the finish
Kirk Apt racing for the finish 1 block away...
Kirk kissing the hardrock
Kirk Apt kissing the hardrock, just after finishing in a new course record time
Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon finishing
David Horton and Scott Jurek
David Horton, just after finishing, admonishes Scott Jurek for "tiptoeing the downhills like a wussy".
(You had to be there....)
Scott Mills
Scott Mills of VHTRC finishing
Sue Johnston
Sue Johnston finishing
Bozena Maslanka's feet
Bozena Maslanka's feet, about 45 minutes after finishing. I saw them about 8 hours after this, and I should have taken pictures then(!)
Kirk Apt & Sue Johnston
Kirk Apt and Sue Johnston receiving their overall awards
Randy Isler, David Horton, Rollin Perry
Randy Isler, David Horton, Rollin Perry receive their 5-time finishers awards.
John DeWalt, Rollin Perry, Ulli Kamm
My Heroes: John DeWalt (6 finishes), Rollin Perry (5 finishes), Ulli Kamm (7 finishes)

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