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"Any idiot can run a marathon... takes a special kind of idiot to run an ultramarathon." -Alan Cabelly

[from the wise and hilarious Quotes compilation on Stan Jensen's site]

Javelina Jundred 2004 Race Report
Word version, with photo - 90K in size.

Hardrock 2004 Race Report
Big version, with photos - 1.6MB in size.
Text version - 110k in size.


30 mile day.... Photos from a long training run I did on the Hardrock course in June of 1998.

The archives....things I wrote, things other people wrote for both the Internet Ultra Society and Dead Runners Society email lists.

My race reports from my 2 ultras, as well as a couple of training run stories.

The numbers: official results from my 2 ultras, Dances with Dirt (I am #45 in the 50k, 7:46:53), and Glacial Trail (I am #40 in the 50k, 6:47:51).

Why I ultra....(still in the works)

Where I ultra... my experiences with some vastly different terrain, and my plans for future races. (in progress)

Pictures of me ultra-ing! (yeah, don't you wish...well, actually when I get time to scan them in, I promise!)

Books I recommend for ultra'ers and anyone else who happened to have hypersurfed to this page - both my list, and the list compiled by DRS'ers about a year ago. (in progress)

Credit ...those persons that have given me mental, physical, and emotional kicks in the ass, for which I am eternally grateful. (NEW people added 9/30/98)