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Zane Grey Highline Trail 2000 Photos

For those of you with slow connections - a warning! The images can be large and slow to load. The pictures on this page total 1 Megabyte, so it might be a little bit to load....

Also note: the captions for each picture are UNDER their respective images.

Ian at mile 17
The ever-cheerful Ian Torrance, at mile 17
Jonathan Worswick at mile 17
Scott St. John, at mile 17
Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon, mile 17
Brian Weick (red hat) and Louis Paciello, mile 17
Paul & Tyler
Paul Bonnett-Castillo (L) and Tyler Curiel (R), at 17 miles.
Eric Benson
Eric Benson, 17 miles, and Beverly (trail sweep)
Geri's back
The sign that Geri K., co-RD, wore all day.... (it says "kick me")
Eric & Noni
Eric Clifton & wife Noni, mile 33
Eric Clifton at mile 33
Ian finishing
Ian Torrence finishing @ 8:33:xx
Jonathan Worswick finishing (2nd place)
JW relaxing
Jonathan relaxing at the finish
Check out the trail damage!
JW sleeping
Jonathan sleeping(?) at the finish line
Clifton finish
Eric Clifton finishing
Eric & Ian
Ian (kneeling) & Eric (sitting, foreground) show off their awards.
Ian has the large Smokey bear for winning, Eric has a smaller one (3rd place) plus his pinata for Fastest Ass award. I think its worthy to mention that when Ian was given his bear, Eric looked over and immediately said, "awwww.... his has a little shovel!"
Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon finishing.

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